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Get Your Lawn Ready For Summer With Seasonal Lawn Care From York County Landscapers

Spring is finally upon us and you can no longer use winter as an excuse for not doing the landscaping. It is the time of the year that you start thinking about York County lawn care because you want to maintain the aesthetic values of the curb appeal of your home. The type of landscaping care and maintenance that you do will depend on the type of soil and geographical location. Here are some tips that will help in preparing the outdoor landscaping for spring.

How Climate Affects Your Yard

You should know your climate before you embark on any project. This includes geographical positioning and the specific climate in the yard. The climate will play a part in the kind of plants that you chose for the garden.


You need a detailed landscaping plan and strategy before you begin the work. Ideally, you want to break it down into phases as it could be overwhelming trying to do it all at once. You can ask for advice from the local nursery if you’re not sure of how to go about the process. The internet is also awash with information and you can never go wrong with the research process so long as you seek answers from credible sources.

Know The Challenges In Your Locality

There are some common challenges that you’re likely to experience in your landscaping project. The main ones will have to do with pests like insects, stray animals, and wildlife. Such pests could destroy your hard work in just a couple of minutes. You need to plan beforehand if you will need fencing or a wire mesh to deter the pests from accessing your garden.

Planting At The Right Time

While you might be tempted to plant the flowering shrubs or fruit trees during spring, it might not be the ideal time if you want them to last for years. You can look at landscaping or gardening websites to find out what should be planted during spring.

Planning For Growth

You should have growth in mind when planning for the plants to have in your garden or landscape. You need to estimate the size of the plant after six weeks or six months. Trees should be planted at least six meters away from the house as the roots could cause structural problems to the foundation of the house.

Plan for York County Lawn Maintenance

The work doesn’t stop after doing the planting. Depending on the vegetation, you might need to do regular maintenance to maintain the curb appeal of the home. There are plants that require little maintenance while there are others that will keep you busy throughout the year. You can hire a gardener if the work is too much for you to handle.

Contrasting Your Lawn And Home

The landscaping should be complementary to the exterior aesthetics of the home. You should go for plants that compliment the color and design of your home. The landscape should also be in harmony with your neighborhood. For more information, you can check out



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