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Most homeowners desire for an outdoor space that is well maintained with lush green grass. However that remains just a dream for many because there are instances when the grass just won’t grow. It could be because you are not taking proper care of your lawn but for most it is due to other uncontrollable factors.

Dead grass on your lawn is an eye sore and can greatly reduce the curb appeal of your property. Grass may fail to grow due to many reasons including; lack of enough or essential soil nutrients, failure to water the grass enough, cutting the grass too short, and lack of enough sunlight amongst other factors.

If you have a lawn with a space where grass won’t grow and you have tried just about everything to make it grow without success then do not panic. There are other options you can use to enhance curb appeal and have beautiful lawn besides having grass on your lawn. Here are some alternatives you can consider for landscaping where grass won’t grow.

Install water features – water features are a great landscaping option you can consider for your lawn. You can decide to have a low maintenance pond or water fountain. A water feature enhances the curb appeal and makes the lawn a great relaxing oasis. Install a low maintenance water feature to keep operation costs on the minimum.

Plant other low maintenance ground cover – grass is not the only ground cover you can have on your lawn. There are many other low maintenance plants you can plant to enhance the aesthetic of the lawn.

Some of the plants to consider include periwinkle, moss, Pachysandrmaintenancek creeping thyme and many others. These plants add color to the lawn and spread quickly to fill the area where grass won’t grow.

Install a play area – a play area is a great option for those that have children. You can have a permanent play area installed with swings and other play items to encourage your children to get out and play more. A play area can also be installed for adults. You can have a horseshoe or bocce ball play area or any other lawn game that you find fun.

Install turf – if you really love the look of grass then you can consider having artificial turf installed where the grass won’t grow. The artificial grass is made to last for a lifetime and therefore with it you are making an investment that is bound to last.

Turf is also very low maintenance because it doesn’t need trimming, addition of manure or many other maintenance practices required for natural grass.

Create an outdoor living area – you can also make your outdoor more functional by adding an outdoor living area. You might decide to have a patio, fireplace or a pergola. Such an outdoor living area is a great space to relax and unwind while enjoying the outdoors.

Adding comfortable outdoor furniture makes the space highly functional and great for the entire family. You can lower the costs for creating an outdoor space by making a DIY project.

With these projects in mind, you can have not only a great looking lawn, but also one that’s more functional.