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Keeping your yard during summer can get tough if you are not prepared, especially if you are trying to do some hard work under the scorching sun of summer. Doing yard work shouldn’t be stressing, actually, some people even take it as a relaxing therapy. If you aren’t one of those people, contact these landscapers in Hanover to do the work for you.

The following are a few recommendations of things to do/keep in mind when working on your yard:

Work on your yard early in the morning or late in the evening:

The best time to work on your yard for many factors when working on your yard is at times when the sun is not up, this is due to pollen which is increased at those hours and the harsh sun that makes working already difficult. Also watering your plants under a harsh midday sun can be more harmful than helpful, so be sure you are working at the right time.

Dress properly and gear yourself:

Summer can be hot and harsh, for such weather you need to dress properly. Wear light clothing and protective gear such as work gloves, boots, and a pair of goggles. If your yard is too dusty or you are getting allergy while working get yourself a mask. Getting yourself the right gear is necessary to reduce the effort of your work, and to make it overall easier.

Also, an important thing to keep in mind is hydration, be sure to always have one, two, three or more bottles of cold water handy wherever you are working.

Keep your lawn neatly trimmed:

No one wants to have to fight against tall unkempt grass each time when working on the yard. Keeping your grass well cut through the season can save you time and give an excellent look to your yard.  Cutting your grass regularly also decreases the areas where the pollen accumulates, which gives a healthier environment to your property.

Cut the vines growing around your home:

Vines can look very good on homes, as they give a nice older look, yet in reality what it does is to accumulate moisture on your walls, which in turn becomes mold. Mold can be very bad for the health of those living in your property, so be sure to keep those pesky vines well and neatly trimmed.

Rake the fallen leaves off your yard:

Autumn is the season well known as a time for racking, yet in summer leaves can also fall due to rain, storms, wind current changes and such.

The leaves that fall off trees can get stuck on your home or its surroundings and due to moisture they can also, just as vines cause your walls to become moldy. Be sure to rake the many fallen leaves to avoid any possible moisture problem in your home, after all, no one wants it turning into mold.

In conclusion:

Working on the yard can be exhausting in summer, yet very rewarding once you see the results. Don’t stress with it and instead enjoy it. Knowing what things to keep in mind such as vines, leaves and the grass itself can give your home an awesome look while being much healthier.

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